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Not quite in person yet but in the computers of the animation studio so we can provide interested motorsport enthusiasts a realistic impression of life at the clubhouse and a true feeling of driving the main course of the track.
It will be an offer that is not currently available in any Motorsports club in North America.  It has been crafted to respect your time and allow you the maximum driving time combined with the convenience of a world-class concierge service to arrange anything for you, whether that be for the duration of your stay at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort or your time on the island.
By the end of this week, we will be revealing the membership details listing both the benefits and features of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort.  Pricing and the various membership levels will be announced by the end of August.  To reserve your information package, please email us at membership@islandmotorsportresort.com with a little information regarding your interests.
If you would like to meet in person, we will be on site at the 2015 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering on August 16th between 11am – 2pm at the Viscount Aero Centre in Sidney, BC. We would be happy to meet with you then to discuss any questions you may have.
Ladies and Gentleman, the excitement to drive at this world-class facility is only 9 months away. Get ready to start your engines.