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It feels like it was just yesterday when we were in the German town of Aachen visiting the Tilke GmbH offices. With over 35 years of experience and over 100 engineers and architects, we were in awe when meeting with Tilke to discuss the design of our very own track. Over a year and a half ago on that very trip to Aachen, we arrived at the Tilke office as clients. Throughout the designing, construction and completion of the Motorsport Circuit and many discussions with Tilke GmbH, this year on our visit to Aachen, we arrived as friends.
Recently, Peter Wahl, managing partner of the world’s most successful track design firm, had planned to travel to watch the last Formula 1 race of the year. However, he cancelled his trip so he, Johannes and Henning, the leading designers and engineers on our project, could meet with us in Germany.
Inspirational photos of world class tracks fill the walls in every office at the Tilke headquarters. The feeling of excitement overtakes you as you realize every part of their operations revolves around their passion for racing. Drawings and details from current and future projects from around the world can be seen on multiple boards in the firm. This includes test tracks for some of the most prestigious car brands in the world, club tracks just like ours and many future projects that will fill the F1 and Motogp world in the coming years.
We had an outstanding day with the Tilke team as we set project goals and expectations for our second phase which will feature the longest acceleration straight on a track in north America. Vehicles will achieve the highest top speed when driven by experienced drivers and Circuit members. More information will be announced in the next coming weeks and we cannot be more excited to share with you our continuous passion for the Motorsport Circuit.
The team at Tilke has built over 50 track projects around the ‎world over the past 35 years. After their involvement in phase one, the opportunity to design phase two of the Motorsport Circuit has given them the kind of excitement that only comes around once in a lifetime with this topography.
After a long but productive meeting in the office, we had a delicious dinner at a beautiful restaurant located in Aachen and finished the day with a leisurely walk through one of Germany’s most famous Christmas markets.
The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has become a benchmark among Canadian motorsport facilities. Hosting countless events and ‎member driving days, we ask you, our fellow Motorsport fans in Canada to prepare yourselves.
The future looks amazing.