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Based on the many comments and questions we’ve received in the last few weeks regarding the physical track itself, it’s obvious that this is the most important information people are excited to learn more about. Thus, in the upcoming weeks, we will be highlighting the various areas of the track to you in preparation for the final reveal. In the image below, you will see some of the details within one of our highly technical corner combinations. As this is still only a very high level detail plan, the experience of our track design team and the abilities of our highly skilled team of builders will ensure that every centimetre of the track is built to the design specifications that will allow it to drain the way it should and provide grip and excitement at world-class levels.
A meeting at the newly “Tilke” redesigned F1 track in Mexico, home to the first F1 race in November will take place later this month. We want to ensure that designers, engineers and builders understand the many facets of building a safe and exciting track that will serve motorsport enthusiasts for many years to come.

Here are a few Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort track facts:

  • Maximum incline: 12.5% between corner 14 and 15
  • Maximum slope: 11.5% between corner 4 and 5
  • Track width: 10 m
  • 19 turns, 7 left turns and 12 right turns
  • Top speed: 211 km/h (street legal sports cars)
  • Number of short cuts: 4
  • Track layout combinations: 6
  • Extremely lively topography
  • Hanging and banked corners in all sections
  • Highest skill driving class category
  • Not designed for international racing and for that, it was designed with more excitement and character. A pure test and presentation track with the possibility for club sport activities.
  • Run off areas designed with the newest technology and standards preventing damages to cars and bikes and offering possibility to correct and return safely on to the track.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Topography
Details within one of our highly technical corner combinations.
And now the same corner only in different view options to illustrate the intricacies of all that encompases the design specifications required to build such a facility.
Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Track 1 Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Track 2 Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Track 3