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Being part of a great club is more than playing golf, sailing along the coast or in this case driving a few stints a day on a world-class track.  In order to make a club feel like a home away from home, it requires a great place to meet, talk and enjoy the company of like-minded people.  At the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort, that place will be our clubhouse.
The goal of this building was to design a space that make small groups feel comfortable, and to make the daily membership days feel like a club you want to be a part of.  However, it also has to be the perfect place to accommodate up to 300 people for larger events and galas.
For our members, we have created a space that has the feeling of a racetrack lounge. This space will allow our members to bring friends or family to join them for the day. Our members will also be able to stop by for something to eat or drink, even if it is not their driving day, just to watch other members drive and to talk about their track day.
For small groups or club events that include 10 to 60 people, we have designed a separate space that will allow them to share their thoughts and ideas in a meeting room with all the required equipment.   And for larger events and functions, we will offer one of the largest clubhouse spaces on Vancouver Island and the very first event of this size will be the grand opening in May 2016.
The bigger picture:
The Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse and pit garage will boost 15,000 square feet on two separate levels.  The building will be constructed in steel frame, concrete block. The design and materials chosen are modern and meant to last for many years.  Each side of the building will house floor to ceiling windows taking advantage of the views overlooking the track as well as the beautiful scenery of the surrounding Cowichan Valley.
Main Floor description:
When you approach the clubhouse from the parking area, you will notice on the left side of the main entrance a special room for special cars.  This presentation center will be designed for events such as product launches for large automotive manufacturers, our dealership events and various other galas and fundraisers that members and third parties will have an opportunity to rent.  It will be equipped with everything one needs such as lighting, sound, visual aids such as screens and projectors and anything else one might need for a great event.
On regular membership days, this room will display a selection of unique vehicles that will set the tone of what the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort represents.  The GAIN Dealer Group represents some of the most exciting cars available today and when you combine that with our collection of classic cars and our close relationships with companies like Rudi & Company and Coachwerks, the opportunities will be amazing.

On site at Rudi and Company for the  Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort - June 18, 2015

On site at Rudi and Company for the  Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort - June 18, 2015
On site at Rudi and Company for the  Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort - June 18, 2015
Facing the track and directly on the pit lane are 4 Pit Garages. The first one will be used as the setup bay.  A state-of-the-art wheel alignment rack has been specially selected to align, corner weight and adjust even the most sensitive sports car.  The search for tenths of seconds on the track will become a passion for the members and our team and equipment will be there to assist with the newest technology available.
The other three bays are there to allow drivers to prepare their cars for their stint and to provide them with shade or shelter prior to driving.  These 3 bays will also act as a staging area for the member cars stored at our onsite car storage (explained at a later date) as part of the member experience we will be offering.
Change rooms equipped with showers and locker rooms for both men and women will complete the driving active area of the clubhouse.
The Second Floor:
The clubhouse floor is all about the guest experience.  We have taken advantage of all parts of the location and every guest in the clubhouse will feel like they are part of the action on the track or in the pit lane.
There are three meeting rooms, each available for up to 20 people that could be used for a club or a group meeting before or after their stints on the track.  There will also be two technology offices available to drivers to discuss their lap times of the day and to evaluate their driving data.  We are currently in discussions with a few leading companies that specialize in this area and data about lap times, steering input, brake pressure and brake points, throttle action, the racing line, g forces and video footage are only a few of the reporting tools that will be available to assist any driver to find time and adjust their driving to get the most out of their sports car.
A bar and a kitchen as well as washrooms will complete the floor space. We will release the details about the culinary side of the clubhouse at a later point but so much can be said already, as it will become a wonderful place for any guest to experience west coast cuisine.
Currently, the foundation of the clubhouse is ready to be poured and within the next couple of months, a steel structure will take shape and we will obviously update the blog with images and news worthy stories.
One of our last blog posts was “Magic in the making” and we stand behind that statement.  Our clubhouse is a very important part of this and we will do whatever it takes to create a home away from home for all enthusiasts that love performance and sports cars and who would like an opportunity to be around them every day of the year.
VIMR Clubhouse Rendering – Track Side

VIMR Clubhouse and Pit Garage Rendering
Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse and Pit Garage Rendering