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There is so much more to it than speed and the wind in your hair. Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit and the Villa Eyrie Resort presented a one-day, two-evening track experience with professional Canadian race car driver, Lindsay Rice. Not only is this an educational driving day, providing valuable tools for the rest of your driving life, it is also a journey of camaraderie and developing new friendships during a memorable time spent over meals, wine, and behind the wheel of incredible vehicles.

Both Beginner and Advanced programs are available, so this is perfect for drivers of all skill levels. Each program features one-on-one instruction from Lindsay Rice and ample time spent on the circuit increasing speeds, skills, and enhanced performance driving. The first evening is for getting acquainted with your fellow drivers, the second evening is spent with much laughter and reflecting on the memories created during the track day. Stay at the splendorous Villa Eyrie Resort, dinners and breakfast at the magnificent Alpina Restaurant, and yes, take home with you the feeling of speed, control, confidence, and new friendships, until next time.