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Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback and emails about the new track! There have been lots of posts in forums and websites about what it’s going to be and how it’s going to look and even some as far as posting aerial shots and track layouts but please be advised that the layout circulating is not the layout of our new track. At the start of this project, we never envisioned the track would become as big as it was. We simply wanted something more suitable for the island where we could allow our clients to drive their vehicles in a controlled environment. However, after doing some extensive research, talking to our various manufacturers and visiting a few tracks in North America, we quickly realized there was a bigger opportunity and need for a world class facility that will become one of the best motorsport resorts on the west coast.
Vancouver Island, as many of you know hosts some of the best weather conditions in the country and now we will be able to offer an opportunity for all interested enthusiasts to drive at a facility 365 days a year without having to deal with the headaches of dollar fluctuations, border line ups or long commutes.
Since then, we have enlisted one of the world’s best track designers and their track design will be released in the next few months. As you will see in the aerial shots posted on forums and social pages, that is still the old design. We would like to confirm that all zoning and layouts have been approved and construction for the new design for our purposes will take new form in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information and thank you all for your enthusiasm.