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Vancouver Island is the last place in Canada known for a beautiful white Christmas or one to be sitting by a fire place overlooking the ocean while the snow is softly falling outside. Mount Washington or the Forbidden Plateau are some of the exceptions, but then again, they are far away from Victoria and the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
However, the few individuals who have had the privilege to experience this world-class resort, one situated on top of the world with an award-winning restaurant, a spectacular setting and a European charm not often found in North America, can attest that the former Aerie Resort was truly one of a kind in so many ways.
Located only a half hour away from Victoria and coincidentally, nestled exactly half way between the city centre and the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, the former Aerie Resort was breathtaking from all aspects. From the number of eagles circling below their balconies to the incredible view of the clouds as they cascade over the waters of the Finlayson arm, every moment spent at the resort will surely take your breath away.
This is the discreet comfort of Vancouver Island’s Villa Eyrie Resort. Set among 94 spectacular acres above the Malahat, the resort offers guests superlative views over Finlayson Arm, southern Vancouver Island, and the Olympic Mountains on the American side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The resort is the official partner hotel of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, Vancouver Island’s exclusive club performance driving facility.
Combining the best attributes of a European inspired mountain retreat with a west coast lodge, the Villa Eyrie Resort is a unique property. It will remind first time visitors of the stunning villas on Lake Como or Lago Maggiore. The thirty-six thoughtfully prepared rooms, all offering unmatched views, will be presented in the upcoming spring and available for your story to begin.
VIMR-Manufacturers-June-17-2015Our mountain top perch is 574 metres above sea level, which provides one of the very few opportunities on Vancouver Island to experience a white Christmas or the opportunity to experience snow when people in the city of Victoria don’t even think about snow. A glass of mulled wine sipped while enjoying the ambiance of the surroundings is the perfect way to let the obligations of everyday life slip away.
The charms of Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city, are just twenty-five minutes away, as is the excitement of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Descending from the Villa Eyrie Resort, guests will soon be enjoying typical winter seasonal temperatures of 7-10C in both the city and at the Motorsport Circuit.
The resort will soon come to life again and will offer many amenities that will fill your weekend getaway or your vacation to the island with memories that will last a lifetime. A new swimming pool will allow our guests the unexpected opportunity of being able to swim while enjoying the views overlooking Finlayson Arm and beautiful Goldstream Provincial Park. The range of relaxation therapies or the menu of massage therapies offered in the spa facility will assist you in attaining a state of complete tranquillity.
The Villa Eyrie Resort’s intimate restaurant celebrates the diversity and talent found on Vancouver Island. Whether harvested from the Pacific Ocean, raised on the Gulf Islands, or grown just down the road, the farmers and artisans working with us are dedicated to providing ingredients that are at the height of freshness and quality.
The Concierge Service at the Villa Eyrie Resort will also be the first point of contact for every hotel guest and the members of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit to customize their stay on while on the island complimenting performance driving at the circuit with year round golf, fishing, hiking or the many world class restaurants of the area.
Every aspect of the Villa Eyrie Resort has been carefully considered to create Vancouver Island’s premier hotel destination. We will soon search for a team of exceptional people to assure the guest experience will be as special as this property itself, when we open our doors in the early summer of 2016. Everything will be prepared with our guests in mind and we hope to welcome you, high above the waters of the Finlayson arm in an environment that normally only eagles share.
Soon there will be once again, a magnificent resort on the Malahat Summit, this time known, as the Villa Eyrie Resort.