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Located in the Cowichan Valley and taking its name from an Aboriginal word meaning “the warm land”, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort is surrounded by vast tracts of unspoiled mountains, forest and coastal wilderness.

This particular area of Vancouver Island is filled with an abundance of towering old-growth forests, alluring beaches and meandering rivers. It is the land of fisherman, foragers, vintners, organic farmers, artisanal cheese makers, and slow-food chefs. The Cowichan Valley is blessed by a warm climate, ideal growing conditions for grapes and other fruits and vegetables.
Nestled in the warm valley south of Mount Prevost, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort will be opening its doors to motorsport and collector car enthusiasts from across Canada and the northwest of the United States. It will become yet another reason why one should visit this amazing part of Canada’s west coast. We look forward to hosting our members, the drivers programs of Canada’s automotive manufacturers, the many other interesting possibilities from classic car events, club activities and facility rentals by various corporations. All this located only a few kilometres west of highway one at 4063 Cowichan Valley Highway.
In the images below, you will see one showcasing our 3.5-acre dynamic driving field for future autocross activities of which 50% of the grading is now complete and the other image showcasing the grading of the start/finish straight with the first right hand corner.
Stay tuned for more updates and photos of the track progression.
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