On Sunday, March 12th, Porsche Centre Victoria hosted a Customer Appreciation Event at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. For many customers, this was the first time they had the opportunity to experience the Circuit. Guests were given all access with their vehicles, as a way for them to become more in-tune with their everyday driving. Read More

With the abnormally cold winter now behind us, we're already starting to see a few glimpses of Spring. As the sun peaked through periodically in today's warm 12 degree weather, our circuit guests enjoyed an incredible experience with our newly established Circuit Taxi program. Read More

To us, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is one of the most unique motorsport facilities in the country, if not North America, but what makes it even more special is hearing all the wonderful feedback and comments from our members and their guests regarding how the Circuit makes them feel and what it means to them. Read More