Private racetracks are far from a new phenomenon, but it seems like every new circuit built is as much a country club as it is road course. Fortunately the latest slice of asphalt heaven, carved into 275 acres of gorgeous timber country on Canada’s Vancouver Island, has its sights set clearly on what matters.

The circuit, which will open its doors in the summer of 2016, is the result of a great deal of work and dedication by the GAIN dealer group and its associates.

The new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, a private track and clubhouse for their customers, corporate groups and others where they can enjoy their high performance machines in a completely safe and legal environment – without the need to obtain a racing license.

The new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, off the western coast of Canada, has now stepped squarely into the fray with its new, 1.42-mile, 19-turn track in one of the most beautiful locales in the world.

Passionate gearheads create playground for passionate gear heads. First on the Grid, Videos.

In addition to the 19-turn road course, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit includes a 15,000-square-foot, fully equipped clubhouse with storage facilities for members’ track vehicles and rooms to support meetings and special events.

Nestled in the warm valley south of Mount Prevost, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort will be opening its doors to motorsport and collector car enthusiasts from across Canada and the northwest of the United States.

Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback and emails about the new track! There have been lots of posts in forums and websites about what it’s going to be and how it’s going to look and even some as far as posting aerial shots and track layouts but please be advised that the layout circulating is not the layout of our new track.