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Safe Driving Program | Calm and Controlled in All Seasons

Whether cruising down scenic subsidiary roads or navigating major city streets, drivers are frequently faced with surprises that could put them or their vehicle in harm’s way. The Safe Driving Program offers participants a fun and informative program that prepares drivers for how to handle and respond in emergency driving situations.

Curated for all skill levels, the full day curriculum focuses on a variety of techniques intended for drivers to understand and appreciate how to handle their own vehicles to avoid collisions, mishaps, or loss of control. With a pro-active approach in mind, drivers are offered both theoretical and practical knowledge on anti-lock braking systems, correct seating position, oversteer, understeer, vision, skid control, and several other defensive driving techniques that promote safe driving all year round.

With British Columbia’s famed precipitation, and occasional snow fall, during the approaching winter months, the Safe Driving Program arms participants with the skills and confidence to navigate challenging wet and low traction road conditions safely.