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This past Saturday July 16, 2016, marked another milestone at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, where for the very first time and two months prior to the grand opening of the Villa Eyrie Resort, were we able to live the life of am exclusive member in its final form.
The group enjoyed breakfast in the Paddock Lounge while our driving team started the day with vehicle inspections and a drivers meeting prior to getting on the circuit.
Two groups of track cars and drivers were formed to allow each group to drive at their own speed and to make it interesting for every driver. The MyLaps Transponders were mounted on the cars and the cars went out for a few warm up laps. In the morning session, each group was able to get three half hour stints in before lunch. People started to get to know each other and the first conversations took place discussing tire pressures, corner speeds, the once in a while, the wobble in a corner and the sound of the cars.
One of our guests for the day was Kees Nierop, one of the head instructors at the Porsche Canada Driving Program.  What was suppose to be an enjoyable “day off” for Kees, quickly turned into one on one instructing sessions with our members.
At lunch, nobody sat by themselves. The noise level at the Paddock Restaurant was buzzing as every driver had a story to tell. Castro Boateng, our Chef at the Paddock Lounge and his team prepared a marvelous lunch and most drivers couldn’t wait to get back on the track.
During the afternoon session, Kees demonstrated, guided and coached members how to get the best performance out of their cars, brakes and tires.  Our “Porsche GT4 Clubsport” made its debut and Kees had the honour to take it for its very first track lap.  This very exclusive track car will be available to members in the future and we are certain it will be one of the fastest cars on the track.  This time, as we were still waiting for the new tires to arrive, we didn’t want to push it.  But stay tuned, as we’re sure Kees will be back to prove just what it can do.
As the day progressed, drivers got faster by the session and they drove until you could see the strain and exercise in their faces. However, at the same time, the smiles got bigger and bigger and the group of individuals we had always intended to create, to gather a group of like-minded drivers who respects each other on and off the track, had quickly formed. Cars were refuelled at the Circuit fuel station and the tire pressures were adjusted frequently to watch tire temperatures, just like the pros do.
Later that afternoon, it was time to stop driving but before their venture home, members joined us in the new Driver’s Lounge” at the Villa Eyrie Resort.  This lounge located at this incredible mountain retreat, will become the home of motorsport enthusiasts on Vancouver Island.  In this exciting form, it is the only facility of its kind in North America. Local members and visitors alike, now have a home where they can share stories, meet with other like-minded individuals who share a common passion for automobiles and more importantly, the company of great people who love to drive them.
Our members didn’t have to be asked twice to come for dinner. They walked through the hotel, they inspected the fine dining restaurant and finally sat down at the driver’s lounge. Chef Castro Boateng prepared a simple and tasty BBQ inspired dinner while the bar was used for the very first time, offering an array of refreshments.  Kees, was part of many conversations while at the same time, having to pull out his circuit map a few times to explain which line may be the fastest in each of the corners or combinations.
In short, what an incredible day!
By the end of Saturday, a Billie Holiday record was playing on the turntable and there is very little to say other than it was simply a spectacular day. A dream a few years in the making came true for the very first time and we can’t wait until the Villa Eyrie Resort opens in September so that every driving day at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit can find a perfect ending for each and every guest.   Thank you to all of our members and guests who were able to attend.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!