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We are proud to announce and introduce the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit preferred financing program.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome Rhonda Yates, Private Banking Advisor and Brian Einarson, Senior Financial Advisor both representing CIBC Private Wealth Management into our group of partners and associated business.  Together we are building the most exclusive performance and motorsport club in Canada.  Through CIBC Private Wealth Management, we will offer:

  • Many terms available up to 10 years’ amortisation
  • Rates vary based on client. However, preferred rates are available for membership clients at the driving facility
  • Secured by real estate, prime plus .50% on an interest only repayment schedule (we would cover legal and appraisal costs)
  • Unsecured options are on a case by case basis, we will ensure we provide the best terms and pricing available to your members

For more information, please contact Rhonda Yates at 1-250-419-4753 or email her at Rhonda.Yates@cibc.com or Brian Einarson at 1-250-356-4439 ext 345 or email him at Brian.Einarson@CIBC.com.
Thank you for being a part at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
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