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On September 28th, passionate two-wheeled riders returned to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit for the second Ignition Motorsport corporate motorcycle event. Many new riders as well as returning ones, rode together to test their skills on the technical 19-turn track.
Ignition Motorsports, a local motorcycle dealership in Duncan, BC was happy to host another event just a month after the success and popularity of the first one back in August. Riders of all skills took advantage of the fantastic opportunity to test their bike’s ability without worry of hazards on public roadways. The experience gave them a rare opportunity to open up the throttle and allow the bikes to perform while ‘knee-dragging’ into the turns, showing off their riding prowess.

Inexperienced riders and our Circuit photographer were thrilled to watch exciting skills being demonstrated turn by turn. Each rider brought into pit lane their stories on handling, control, and the thrill of pushing their bikes to the limit.As helmets came off, smiles donned the faces of each rider. As they rested between sets to catch a little air, each shared technical information with their fellow riders how they attacked each turn to maximize their adrenaline-filled ride. Corner speed, length of knee-drag, how soon they picked-up the bike on the exit of each turn, and where they found the best throttle points.

The mix of experienced riders with newer ones was a valuable opportunity for everyone to share in the experience while learning to be better riders. With the sun shining brightly and the temperature at a nice 28° C, the riding conditions could not have been any better or more open to the mix of riders.
The Circuit broke for lunch to feed all the riders, while they continued to trade stories and got to know each other a little better. It gave everyone the opportunity to learn more about facilities while enjoying the Paddock Lounge food. Everyone returned to the afternoon set, recharged, and ready to take on more of the circuit, finishing with some small festivities and prizes from Ignition Motorsports.

We thank Ignition Motorsports for hosting their event at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, and if you’re a rider interested in experiencing the circuit, stay tuned in to hear about motorcycle days and other future events.