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Driving Skills Supplemented

Driving is a skill, both on track and on the road. Like many skills, practice makes perfect and it is far from unfavorable to brush-up on your abilities.

For existing drivers of all skill levels, our Safe Driving Program is made to better your understanding and abilities to perceive your driving environments to best respond when conditions are tricky or dangerous. Whether its raining, snowing, or sharing the road with unaware drivers; this all-day program enhances your confidence to avoid collisions, mishaps, and remain in complete control for the safety of you and your fellow drivers.

For new drivers, getting behind the wheel can be a daunting experience that – like many good habits – improves over time and with practice. Our popular New Driver Program is designed for drivers with their L or N license who want to start their driving life with greater conviction and faith in their and their car’s abilities to ensure everyone’s safety. The half-day experience immerses participants in practical drills with their own cars, such as emergency braking and evasive lane changes. Our facilities are perfect to conduct these exercises as, more often than not, they cannot be taught properly on public roads.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates for both programs, or message us to learn more and to register for our waitlist.!