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High-Performance Circuit Taxi | Audi RS3 LMS

It is with great pleasure we introduce our newest, most adrenaline-pumping experience yet at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit – High-Performance Circuit Taxi in our Audi RS3 LMS Racecar!

This experience takes you on high-speed laps of the Circuit with one of our experienced driving instructors. Lap one is a warmup to give you a chance to get settled into your racing seat and to warm up the tires for optimum traction for the hot laps ahead. As you enter the final corner during the warmup lap, brace yourself for five unforgettable hot laps! The acceleration down the front straight will immediately push you into your seat, and you will be thankful for the six-point harness holding you in your seat as you feel the rapid deceleration into turn three. The rest of your lap will leave you amazed as the RS3 LMS responds to the driver’s steering, braking and acceleration inputs in seamless harmony around the 2.3 kilometer, 19-corner Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. As you cross the start-finish line for the last time to start the cool down lap, you may come to realize you have been holding your breath the entire time. It is here when you can start to bring your heart rate and breathing back to normal as the RS3 LMS cools down its engine, brakes, and tires.

This experience may have been a bit of a blur, so we have recorded the whole event with the onboard telemetry system. You will receive a USB drive with your experience showing in-car video of the track ahead with a second camera focused on you and the interior. This video also has a track overlay illustrating where you are on the track, your speed, best lap time, and a G-force plot. Replay this video at home to remember each corner of the Circuit, or show your friends and family and give them an idea of the exciting ride you experienced.

The Audi RS3 LMS is a factory-built race car designed to run in the Touring Car Race (TCR) series. This is a first-generation model from Audi, with a similar generation model winning the TCR series in 2017. The car is based on the Audi RS3 platform with a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 330 horsepower. The power is transferred to the front-wheel drive car through a Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) that predicts your next shift. The body has been widened to accommodate larger brakes and wider tires and is adorned with an aggressive front splitter, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler to give more downforce when cornering.

Call or email us to learn more and book your thrilling, authentic motorsport Circuit Taxi experience.

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