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High-speed precision | Autoslalom returns

Back in September of 2020, we at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit ran our very first Autoslalom driving experience using parts of our circuit for the course layout. It was completely sold out and entrants raved about the event. The Autoslalom word is spreading so now we’re receiving requests asking, ‘what is Autoslalom’?

Autoslalom, autocross or solo are different names for an exciting, low-cost way to bring your daily driver or most enclosed-wheel vehicle to a traffic cone course to test your driving skills. It is high-speed, precision driving with safety and vehicle control at the forefront.

The traffic cones guide and tell you which direction to approach, go around or through them. Drivers are given a course map and can walk the course prior to the event beginning. A typical course is 45-65 seconds long and includes precision timing gear to accurately record best times. Typically, all drivers will have an opportunity to run through the course seven to ten times during the day.

A course is usually set to keep speeds below 100 km/h and most cars only get into second gear but that certainly does not impact the challenging and fun nature of the program. Participants will be surprised by how much concentration and vehicle control is required to negotiate the course quickly and cleanly.

Autoslalom is the ultimate test of your steering inputs, eye to hand coordination, and braking skills all the while focusing on not displacing any of the cones on the course. Your time is recorded along with any penalties incurred by displacing cones or going the wrong way on the course. A Snell rated helmet is required but you can rent one from us if you don’t have your own.

Autoslalom is by far one of our favourite introductions to motorsports! All skill levels are welcome, come join us!

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