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New Driver Program | Invaluable Skills for On and Off Track

Think back to when you first obtained your driver’s license. The freedom of the open roads laid ahead, but there was so much unknown. New drivers, typically have not experienced many situations on the road compared to more seasoned drivers. Our New Driver Program aims to address that by teaching new drivers, whether they are a class 7 ‘L’ or ‘N’, the confidence and timeless skills that will benefit them and other drivers.

The appropriate amount of pressure to push on the brake pedal, understanding how quickly or slowly you may stop, how hard or sudden steering may be necessary in different situations, and knowing your spatial awareness amongst others in traffic. For experienced drivers who have been behind the wheels for years, these habits may all seem straight-forward, but for a new driver who has not yet had to react to different situations it can be the vital difference between an accident and an anecdote. Our world class facilities, away from the public roads, are uniquely equipped to teach things such as panic maneuvers and spatial awareness in a safe environment. The first time you need to make a panic adjustment should not be the first time you have done one, and thanks to this program new drivers will have that practice and experience.

Contact us to learn more and see that the new driver in your life is equipped with the right knowledge and ability to be a safer presence on the roads.

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