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“I like the rain.

I like how it sits on new asphalt and pools tightly in the corners. I like how the track behind me disappears into a mist as I punch through it, and how, if I hit the standing water at just the right angle, a spray of water explodes over the barriers.  Because you have to be ready for rain, especially on a track like this. Sheltered deep in the Cowichan Valley, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will be ready for racing as many as 350 days a year.  Which is a good thing. I need to master the 19 corners and amazing elevation changes, and commit the six track combos to memory, so that time will lose its sway over this 4.21 kilometres of new asphalt.

And I am ready.

I’m something you haven’t quite seen before. Something different. There’s a reason I was given this track before any others.. And I’ll be ready when it opens.
Designed by Germany’s Tilke Engineers and Architects, the world’s foremost authority in track design, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is the perfect place to hear the rumble and roar of the all-new 2017 Audi R8 V10. New tarmac. New rubber. New car. What better combination could a driver hope for?”
This April, Audi Canada will be hosting a special coming-out event for the all-new 2017 Audi R8 V10 at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit and we’re excited to have them join us!
Thank you Audi Canada for allowing us to share your announcement.