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Lotus of Vancouver

In last month’s e-newsletter we highlighted karting days here at VIMC. If you are a fan of the nimbleness of kart driving, you would definitely appreciate the ultra lightweight and kart-like handling of the Lotus! Their raison d’être is embedded in their well-known catch phrase, ‘For The Drivers.’

This month we would like to feature our newest member to the GAIN Group… Lotus Vancouver

With the support of our dealer network as well as our sister businesses, like the Villa Eyrie Resort, Coachwerks, and of course, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we look forward to seeing Lotus Vancouver grow and prosper. We also look forward to welcoming back the Lotus Car Club of B.C. back here for another day of driving at the Circuit!

The coming months will be exciting for Lotus with the introduction of a few new vehicles. Notably, the Emira, Lotus’ last internal combustion engine-powered car, before transitioning towards electric drive with the upcoming Evija supercar. Lotus has also just announced their first 4-door, the Eletre, a 600hp all-wheel drive EV with 600km of range.

With all of these exciting changes on the horizon, we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to work closely with the Lotus Vancouver team!