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We’ve all been there, that moment of panic when you are driving along the highway, and you hear a pop and feel a swerve as your tire loses air. What is your next move?
It is true that you can only be so prepared for the surprises in your life that always seem to come at the worst times. It may appear like an impossible task, but there is a way to prepare your mind and body for situations such as a sudden tire issue or spinning out on black ice.
Our team at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is now offering the Proactive Driving Program. Our professional instructors have created a curriculum that benefits drivers of every skill.

Each session will contain:

  • Positioning: an in-depth look at correct seat position, mirrors and steering column adjustments to optimize driving and clear lines of sight for both day and nighttime driving.
  • Flow of traffic: learn where to position your car in traffic and how much space is needed for safe braking and avoidance manoeuvres.
  • Traffic assessment: how to read traffic and how to react to avoid situations in advance, with enough time and space for safe manoeuvring.
  • Control: understand car balance, how understeer and oversteer will affect driving in wet and slippery conditions, giving a clear understanding of how actions impact traction.
  • Ideal cornering: proper corner entry and exit, including when to accelerate and when to brake.
  • Accident Avoidance: safety avoiding obstacles such pedestrians, other vehicles and wildlife.
  • Field of Vision: how to see and predict dangerous situations on the road.
  • Ideal Driving: the correct approach on the roadway to promote safe handling in corners, up and down hills and in multi-lane situations on the road.
  • Dynamic driving: slalom to feel car balance, understeer, a relationship of acceleration and braking to steering input.

After completing the Proactive Driving Program, drivers will be able to react quickly in a calm demeaner, assess the situation and proceed with confidence.
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