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Track Days vs. Racing

Recently, some customers and friends of the Circuit purchased a race car to participate in the Lemons Grassroots Racing Series. While these individuals have prior experience with track days, they have limited exposure to wheel-to-wheel racing. Track days and races involve fast cars on closed courses, but there are notable differences.

Both track days and races involve fast cars on closed courses. The basic actions—accelerating, braking, and steering—are the same. Many terms are also used in both activities – such as braking point, apex, and driving line. However, despite the similarities, there are significant differences. During a track day, the focus is on executing the perfect driving line without any other cars around. In a race, the situation changes: someone else may already occupy the crucial apex, requiring the driver to reassess their approach to the driving line, braking points, and passing procedures. While their experience with track days will certainly benefit them in the race, they will need to learn and adapt quickly to navigate the unique challenges of racing. If you would like to learn more on the differences between racing and track driving, contact us today!