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With the Clubhouse now nearing completion, Fantastic Cleaning was hard at work last week to ensure all aspects of the facility were cleaned and prepped for our first corporate event in April.
With the road course paving now complete, Scho’s Line Painting have spent the last week at the Circuit completing the kerbs and lines on the track.  What a difference the track lines, the painted kerbs and the painted verges have made.
Triple T Excavation has shaped the infields into their final design and has completed the installation of the main waterline, which will now allow us to flush and sanitize the 2.5km long pipe.  The hydro seeding has commenced by Island Irrigation, landscaping and hydro-seeding and we hope to see a luscious green contrast to the fresh black top of the track with in a couple weeks.
Apex Landscaping is beginning to plant trees and various other plants surrounding the property to complete the look of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
Instructed by Tilke GmbH, SupErb Construction has worked countless hours for the last 10 months straight to build the six-pack tire barriers surrounding the road course.  While we hope no one will be able to test out the tire barriers, rest assured that in the event they do, they will be happy we decided to build the Circuit to the highest standards and under the guidance of the best in the industry.  Thank you to Jesse Coulter and Keith Price for all of your hard work and dedication in completing these.
Yesterday, the team from Tower Fence began installing the guardrails surrounding the track that will finalize the safety system in the coming week.
The paving of the entrance, the driving dynamic area along with the turning lane from the Cowichan Valley Hwy has now been complete by Island Paving.
Inside the Clubhouse, the elevator installation is nearing completion and the upcoming inspection is scheduled for this week. The millwork of the reception desk and the Clubhouse bar were performed by the team from C.H.F. Contracting and will also be completed later this week.
The full commercial kitchen is now receiving the major appliancesin and as we are planning a stage test this coming Saturday, we hope Van Isle Food Equipment can complete the installation by Thursday so our chef can start preparing the first meals.
The wash, change and shower facilities are nearly complete and we thank the teams from Island Flooring, SupErb Construction and Tyler Mechanical for their quality work. Like anything else, those facilities have been built to a standard that no other motorsport facility in Canada can provide.
One Touch House has completed the installation of the in-house PA, sound, TV, class room and presentation systems. No matter how small the group or how large the event, we are equipped with the right technology to suit any event.
Communication Connection Nanaimo is set to complete the telephone, safety track cameras and the all of the track safety light systems this week.
Anyone who may have driven by the facility this past week would have seen our new building signs from the highway. Thank you to the team at Houston Signs for all your efforts in helping us achieve this timeline.  We look forward to your installation of the start-finish overhead bridge this week.
As we approach the final weeks of construction, we would like to take this time to once again thank the many highly skilled individuals and the many companies who have spend the last several months, weeks and days on this project.
It is time to start the engines for your well-deserved first drive.