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Survey work and form construction are nearly complete for the corner kerbing. Tilke Engineering has designed theVancouver Island Motorsport Resort circuit to FIA standards, which provides precise instructions pertaining to the layout of the circuit, including such details as the kerbs. The kerbs being installed at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort are featured at the world’s Formula One motor racing circuits, and are intended to help drivers find the racing line through the corner.


            Bird view of a positive kerb alongside track edge                                                            Bird view of a negative kerb
For the benefit of those who are new to the art and joy of performance driving, an explanation of the term “apex” will be useful. When considering a corner, the fastest way through is the optimum line that minimizes the time spent in the corner and maximizes the speed of the car through the corner. The fastest way around is not necessarily the shortest. By taking a wider line it’s possible to carry a higher speed around, which compensates for the extra distance driven. Understanding this leads to the importance of the apex.
The apex (or clipping point) is the innermost point of the line taken through a corner. Interestingly, the apex is often, but not always, the geometric centre of the turn. By finding the apex, the driver is able to follow the straightest line and maintain a higher speed through the corner.