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Timing. Some would agree it’s everything. It becomes particularly beneficial when it turns to advantage while undertaking a large construction project, such as the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Chris Erb and his team comfortably completed the installation of the Clubhouse roof last month, ahead of Vancouver Island’s first winter rain showers. With the interior protected, attention is now being turned towards installing the interior appointments. 

As the 300 people Clubhouse begins to take on its finished form, we would like to introduce you to some of the trades and craftspeople who are now working in partnership with SupErb Construction. Most of them are long term partners of SupErb Construction and have completed some of our dealership projects with him in the last few years. Their expertise and craftsmanship to guarantee the quality we seek and the assurance to open on time next spring is exactly why we chose them.  With the window frames currently being installed, the exterior glass of the Clubhouse will soon be ready to fit. Glazing for the Clubhouse is under the capable care of Rutland Glass, whose experience extends over 40 years. 

Plumbing of the Clubhouse is being installed by Vancouver Island contractor Tyler Mechanical. All aspects of water delivery and subsequent removal, are being fitted ahead of the installation of the finishing fixtures.  We are able to use city water for all areas in the Clubhouse and fire suppression, as our partners at the District of North Cowichan are working with us to make this possible. ‎We are now able to use our wells exclusively for landscaping, sprinkling of the skid pad and for our auto cross driving dynamic area. 

We mentioned in our last track update that with the concrete floor on the second level poured, it would then be possible to mark out the position of the interior walls, whereupon the steel stud main frames would be installed. GNG (Gordon ‘n’ Gordon Interiors) are now engaged in just this, installing what will become the frames upon which to install the drywall. 

Access to the second level of the Clubhouse has now been enhanced with the installation of the structural steel stairs. Progress on the interior can now be marked week to week, with each step bringing us closer to our vision. 

Despite the seasonal weather, work continues on the circuit. Effort continues towards the completion of the circuit’s drainage system, which will ensure the effective removal of water.

The circuit’s run-off safety areas are currently being prepared with gravel, in a manner similar to what was accomplished on the main circuit ahead of the asphalt being applied. These areas will also be paved, providing members an opportunity to correct their mistakes without risk to themselves or their cars. 

In the early spring of 2016 the sound of power tools and hammers will give way to the sound of finely tuned exhaust systems, and the animated conversation of members and guests as they watch the action on track and from the observation lounge and deck. Our vision is rapidly becoming a reality.