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The excitement for the upcoming Formula 1 season is tantalizing! After Max Verstappen’s dominant and record-breaking 2023 performance, we are all left wondering if anyone catch him. A few of the VIMC team weigh-in with their thoughts:

Evan: “It’s a no-brainer – Max is set to win. But what truly amps-up the thrill is Daniel Ricciardo’s full-time return! A victory for all of us! Hoping to see McLaren’s continued improvement; being a fan of the orange team since childhood, witnessing Lando’s first win would be a standout moment.”

Bradlei: “With the unexpectedly rapid rise of struggling teams last season, F1 in 2024 is shaping up to be incredibly unpredictable! I don’t have a single favourite driver, but I’m rooting for several and hoping they maintain focus and keep improving. Given my huge admiration for Carlos Sr. in World Rally, another Sainz championship win would be fantastic. And who knows, the ultimate dream would be witnessing a race in person, with five races relatively close to us here in Canada!”

Dan: “My hopes for the F1 2024 season align with many – a more competitive field. While Verstappen and Red Bull dominated 2023, which was well-deserved, I’m eager to see other teams push back. Being a longtime Ferrari F1 fan, I’m patiently waiting for more Ferrari victories – a nostalgic connection from my childhood watching the races.”

Pre-season testing starts on February 21st in Bahrain, with the season-opening race occurring at the same circuit on March 2nd. We, and motorsport fans the world over, cannot wait for the pinnacle of open-wheeled motorsport to get underway again!