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One year ago this week, our Tilke designed track was finalized and approved. The weather is as expected, mild with mainly sunny weather, which has allowed the progress of the track to continue as planned.
On the construction side, we enclosed the upper floor of the clubhouse with double-pane windows. This allowed the drywall teams to get the heat they needed to prep the walls, permitted the electricians to finish the wiring and conduits and the plumbers to complete the pipes in the washrooms and the bar.
The final contours of the clubhouse ceilings and walls are now in the shape that our members and clients will see. By the end of the coming week, the drywallers will turn the upper floor over to the painters and the tile crews.
Downstairs, the locker rooms and washrooms are taking shape with all the plumbing and power services installed. In the coming weeks, the drywall teams will start their work in the presentation centre, washrooms and locker rooms. The large commercial kitchen for our clubhouse restaurant has progressed well with plumbers and electricians installing services to accommodate the kitchen equipment.
It is a pleasure watching all the teams from Gordon and Gordon Interiors, Mazzei Electric, Rutland Glass and Tyler Mechanical plumbing progress. Everything is on schedule under the watchful eyes of Chris Erb and Brent Brownsell from SupErb Construction and the guidance of James Irwin, the project architect.
Triple T Excavation has started installing the main water pipe for the domestic and fire-protection water supply. This was a last-minute change in the project, and we thank the District of North Cowichan for their hard work and cooperation in bringing water services to this part of the community.
I am very pleased to say that the Vancouver Island Motorsport team leaders have started building their departments and, soon, I will be reporting on progress in the different project areas. We will introduce our team, one by one, over the coming weeks.
With the launch of our new site as you will see here, we are certain it will give you a wonderful overview of every aspect of our amazing facility.
We have already placed the order for clubhouse furniture, and later this week, we will be ordering kitchen equipment, a safety camera system, digital safety lights, as well as awarding a contract to a high-speed phone and data provider.
As a final thought, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed and dedicated this past year to the construction of our Motorsport Facility. Our first large event is booked and will be announced soon. Everyone here, whether on the construction side, with purchasing equipment or in the start-up operations, feels the excitement mingled with a quiet confidence. We will all doing our best to ensure our very first event is a big success.
Until next week,
The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit Team and Gain Vancouver Island.