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There are times and events when you simply have to be grateful for the opportunities and the experience of being involved with some of the best automotive brands and being able to do that in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Today, we are reflecting and writing about our very first group event at the new track facility and to say the least, this event was hosted in a way that few places in North America could offer or compare.
This particular program was also used as a test to set the standard and measure its success from our guests’ feedback in order to establish the right program for everyone who is seriously interested in becoming a member of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort.  A program that will be available this coming August.
We were able to provide insight into our state-of-the-art track with a clubhouse large enough to host 10-300 people in style.  Members will have the opportunity to use our facilities 12 months of the year at this spectacular island setting with views of the ocean and snowcapped mountains year round.  It will instill automotive passion that rivals automotive centers in California and even Germany.
For our first group event, we invited represents from our manufacturers as well as some key representatives from companies that could be potential sponsors and/or partners of the future venue.  We purposefully did not provide an itinerary to instill some anticipation and surprise but as our brands are familiar with the track, it was only logical to showcase the progress to them first.
Before you read on, please have a look at the pictures below and you will understand why the word “excitement” is simply too understated for the events that occurred. (More photos to come soon)
As guests arrived on the evening of the 17th, we mingled in this magical setting up on the Malahat of which was then followed by a wonderful 5-course dinner prepared by Chef Castro Boateng and his team.  Every element of the dinner complimented the views from the dining room that overlooked the Finlayson Arm leading over the southern tip of Vancouver Island into the Straight of Juan de Fuca and towards the snow capped Olympic Mountains.
The next morning, guests awoke to this beautiful scenery and the alluring aroma of Chef Castro’s breakfast creations.  Our 30 guests were then driven to the construction site of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort which is only located a short 20 minutes away.  Upon arrival, our contractor, Chris Erb and his team from SupErb Construction and Triple T Excavating greeted guests.
In amongst the attractions for the day included a helicopter tour from West Coast Helicopters and a 4×4 tour around the course of the track.  Our trained driving instructor advised all participants about every part of the course with its 19 corners, the lively topography and the challenges built into each and every aspect of the track; something that’s well known in all tracks and motorsport facilities designed by Tilke Engineers & Architects.
Once all guests had a chance to take images from the air and/or from driving around the track, we drove off to another highlight destination on Vancouver Island.  Guests were amazed to arrive at the shop of Rudi and Company, one of the foremost specialists in the world for automotive restorations.  As guests entered the facilities, they were once again indulged by a wonderful gourmet BBQ lunch prepared by Chef Castro Boateng and his team.  After lunch, guests were treated to an exclusive tour of the shop, providing them with insight to the life and the amazing career of Rudiger von Koniczek.  Rudi’s passion for perfection and his love for collectibles of a special kind are truly phenomenal and it was evident from the moment Rudi spoke and throughout the entire tour of the shop.
The day then concluded with a private presentation regarding the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort and yet another phenomenal 5-course dinner from Chef Castro Boateng and his team.  Needless to say, guests left with a new perspective and appreciation for Vancouver Island and all it has to offer while also excited and anticipative of the new track facility.
We are excited to invite guests that are seriously interested in becoming a member to Vancouver Island this summer to present them with similar tour to the one hosted last week.   However, what’s even more special will be the opportunity to offer those 300 lucky members a membership that will be second to none in North America.
Spring of 2016 will bring a new track facility to one of the warmest and mildest places within Canada.  Pair that with the professional services offered by one of Canada’s most successful automotive dealer groups and you can be assured the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort is one that will be successful for many years to come.  Success is measured here not by size, but by being special no matter what we do. The GAIN Dealer Group hosts the most driving programs of any dealer group in Canada, our partners in catering and hosting are simply among the best available in Canada as well and our goal is to transfer all our talent and passion for amazing automobiles to this newest part of our Dealer Group.  We look forward to meeting an array of people who possess this same level of passion for automobiles and their unique performance attributes at a facility that currently does not exist in Canada today.