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As we anticipate the thrill of March ahead, it is time to prepare your track cars for the upcoming excitement of breaking your personal best times around our circuit. If you are venturing into the world of track cars, or looking to upgrade, first consider your budget – whether it is the allure of a factory-fresh Porsche or diving into the lower-priced used market. While horsepower figures often take the initial spotlight, especially for first-time track cars, we recommend prioritizing handling over sheer speed. Try opting for a smaller, nimble car for an ideal and engaging track experience.


For those who already have a car (or cars) eyeing the track, strategic modifications can transform your ride. Namely, focus on enhancing safety and reliability with essential upgrades – such as a fresh set of stickier tires, an enveloping racing seat, and track-oriented brake pads. These and other improvements can make a world of difference on the circuit and ensure your car can run under the increased stresses of track driving longer and more reliably.


However, tread carefully in the modification journey – resist the urge to overhaul everything too soon. Taking the time to understand the nuances of your car can become trickier if too many simultaneous changes or modifications are made. Once you have fine-tuned your car, bring it to our next Open Lapping day to experience the exhilaration firsthand. It is not just about horsepower, it is about crafting a balanced track-ready car that feels harmonious to drive. We look forward to seeing you and your car on track!

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