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“The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.”  Sol Hurok
Construction of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has reached another important milestone. In our earlier Track Updates, Chris Erb, of SupErb Construction, predicted that the Clubhouse would be weathertight by the end of November. Slightly ahead of schedule, the first section of the roof has been insulated, and the weatherproof materials applied. The second section of the roof has already progressed to the point of being loaded with the necessary roofing materials. With work continuing on this phase, Erb is confident that by the end of the penultimate weekend of November the Clubhouse will be weathertight.
Drainage work on the circuit continues to progress as anticipated, and the plan to apply the second layer of asphalt to the track surface within the next few weeks continues to hold.  All the months of careful preparation, skillful work, and incredible attention to detail will be realized when members and clients take to the track for the first time and experience the thrill and excitement that we envision.
Each completed step of construction, be it the circuit or the Clubhouse, brings the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit closer to its May 2016 opening. Follow our story as we build the Island’s most exciting attraction.