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Driving at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit’s facilities is always a thrill, and the exhilaration reaches new heights when behind the wheel of a bonafide ‘driver’s car’. But what defines that experience? Exceptional handling, steering that speaks to you, and swift acceleration out of the corners are among the soul-stirring criteria, all of which Mini has long-excelled at.

Introducing the Mini Cooper SE (‘E’ for Electric) – the epitome of blending driving pleasure with modern propulsion technology! The lightest electric vehicle available in Canada, the Cooper SE is boasts instant torque with a press of the throttle pedal, notably outperforming its gas-powered equivalent in acceleration out of corner. The compact front-wheel drive powerhouse is not afraid to oversteer if provoked, showcasing its agile handling thanks to its light weight and short wheelbase.

Experience it for yourself today by visiting Mini Victoria or Mini Nanaimo and redefine your driving experience.