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Sector three is a highly technical element of the track in which no driver will have time to relax. It features tight corner combinations combined with 11% elevation changes. However one of the most unique features of this segment is the feeling of driving thru a canyon. Because of the shortcuts from the start finish into this sector (for safety vehicles and to allow the different track combinations) we had to cut corners 11 to 14 deep into the ground that will now give one the unique feeling of driving a race car thru a tight canyon. In some sections, the track is up to 8 feet lower than the landscaped infield and we are planning to leave the grounds exactly that way. We expect that the exhaust noise from any car will bounce back and enhance the feeling of speed and adrenalin in this section.
The car will require traction coming out of the corners and a stable brake set up in order to be able to brake as late as possible and still hit the next corner close to the ideal race line.
Both the engine and gearing setup needs to be adapted to accelerate hard out of the corner and propel the car into the uphill sections as they enter the next corner combination.  Standard transmission drivers will have a big challenge as the gear changes may have to take place in the middle of the corner where both hands will be required to be on the steering wheel.  Paddle shifter will definitely have an advantage here as both hands can focus on steering and shifting at the same time.

Turn by turn explanation:

The driver exits the last 90-degree left hand corner (turn 8) out of sector 2.  At the apex starts the 11% downhill section towards the left, right, left chicane corner combination (corners 9, 10, 11) which features a very flat (no banking or off camber) track.  In the last left bend of this combination, the track then levels out, the suspension will compress in the apex of that corner and the driver will race towards the left hand corner of turn 12 where the level track then transitions uphill with an elevation incline of 10% before it levels out again at the 2.5% banked left hand (turn 13) and the 2.5% banked right hand (turn 14).  The driver will now race uphill towards sector four.

Sector 3 of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort track